Technology Infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure

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Technology Infrastructure Services

We continually invest in the most robust infrastructure (network, hardware, software) to ensure that our clients enjoy all the advantages that technology can provide!

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Why choose us

  • 100% HIPAA compliant. Our internal data security standards exceed HIPAA requirements on multiple dimensions
  • All servers housed in a professionally managed datacenter with redundant utilities and internet connectivity
  • Multiple secure communication and data exchange options including Virtual Private Network (VPN), secure Email, Secure FTP, Secure Fax, Secure online document management
  • Secure online reporting
  • Ability to accept client data in any format – scanned, faxed, CSV files, HL7 interfaces
  • Front end claims scrubbing system to maximize first pass rate
  • Electronic payment and remittance to accelerate payments. Dedicated EDI enrollment team
  • All servers are virtualized to ensure near-zero downtime
  • In house IT department accessible 24x7

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